Our restaurant

In the autumn 2001, we opened a restaurant adjacent to the farm. Here we hold private parties with a pre-ordered menu throughout the year.
In our menu you will find organic and local cuisine. That means we do not use pesticides or fertilizers. In summer and autumn we gather berries that are put on the menu. We also offer meat from pig and moose from the district as well as selected fish.
Maya has taken a study in north Norwegian food culture and can tell a lot about the old days of the catering.
We tailor the evening after their desire.

You have to book in advance. This is because we want the quality of what we serve to be as good as possible.


All you have to do is say YES – we’ll handle the rest!

We have had the pleasure of hosting several wedding on Martha Haugen, and we welcome you to look at our premises.

In consultation with us you can add up your day after your own imagination. We can offer a ride by horse and buggy in the summer. Perhaps a fiddler with?

Food and Norwegian culture in an ecological perspective is our specialty, and in consultation with you, we can compose an exquisite evening!