Marthahaugen Farm is an organic farm in the heart of Vesterålen. Sheep is our main occupation.
We have a restaurant where you can enjoy dishes based on the farm can give us. “From farm to fork” and local food is our philosophy. We also have a small Farm Trade where we sell our own and other local products.With history in the walls and in the soil around us, we would run the farm as gently as possible. Therefore, organic farming is a natural choice. In 1988 we acquired Marthahaugen. Since 1997, we chose to drive ecologically.
Martha Stuer is our farm restaurant where you can have magical evenings with friends, family or colleagues.

The farm’s history

Marthahaugen Farm was built in 1901. It was originally a much larger farm that was divided between two brothers.

The timber in the farmhouse is not any timber. It came namely from the old church in Sortland which was demolished in 1901. This church timber should originally have been carved in Forfjord on Hinnøya at the end of 1600’s! We are proud that the old timber in the farmhouse is as intact today as when it was built.

In 1959  Marthahaugen was bought by Mayas parents, Peder and Gunvor Daljord. In 1988 we acquired Marthahaugen. Since 1997, we chose to drive ecologically and introduce farm for wild sheep operation and beekeeping.

What does our logo mean?

As a symbol in the logo we have chosen life wheel with sun cross for several reasons. It represents the year and the cycle of life that are closely linked with ecological thinking and way of doing agriculture.

It has no beginning and no end, the cross in the middle symbolize the four seasons, human life.
We have in our family an old cheese mold as Maya`s grandmother made chess in.

In this we find this symbol, and for us it becomes even holier and more important to use it as our logo.

The Wheel of Life stands for positive change. Something we at Martha Haugen hope we can inspire all of our guests.

With best regards
The hosts at Marthahaugen,
Maya Daljord and Roger Endresen