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Marthahaugen is located just 2.5 km north of Sortland town center. It takes 5 minutes by car and 25 minutes to walk to us from the town center.

We organize a variety of courses, and more than happy to answer questions. This includes baking course in our wood-fired oven, the use of herbs, sewing leather, fur and felting. We also create courses in organic cooking.

If you want a slightly different experience, we can undertake various guided historical excursions, and would you like a challenge, you are welcome to join in the autumn sauleitinger. Wild Sheep strongest defense is flight, so this is tours for the fit.
Sounds any of this interesting, please contact us. We place of course all the activities so they fit just right for you and yours.

If you have questions, send an email to

Or call 916 47 170/76 12 41 50